Writing 10 is to develop my abilities to express ideas in essays in a variety of ways, such as using different syntaxes. I am also expected to “integrate peer and faculty feedback throughout the planning and drafting process” as well as demonstrate my ability to work with evidence and collaborate with my peers throughout the semester. In my Introduction, I will provide evidence, from the class syllabus and my writing, of what I have done during this past semester to earn the grade I believe I should be awarded.

Throughout the semester I have “demonstrated the ability to synthesize and express complex ideas” through my essays. For Essay 1, I received a B+ on my “In Cold Blood” essay on the foreshadowing that Capote incorporates in his book. Professor Walker noted that my essay had strong ideas, and to “let them develop more, and keep working on syntax so that the language carries the full freight of [my] ideas.” In Essay 2, I received a B/B+ for my essay on historical framework of the 1960s using “The Revolt of the Cockroach People” as the primary text. Essay 3 was integrated with the similarities and differences of “The Wizard of Oz” film and novel. In Essay 4, I wrote another compare/contrast about “The Hunger Games” film and novel. For this specific course learning outcome for the class, I have met the requirement of writing essays by being able to produce and express my own complex ideas.

I have developed the “ability to…persuade, to explain, to cooperate, [and] to refute.” I believe that my two essays demonstrate this learning outcome by being able to show my audience that there are multiple ways that Capote was able to foreshadow the way the Clutters were killed and mentions just a name to get some mystery going and then revealing later on why the name and who it belongs to is important. By being able to persuade my audience that Capote was dropping hints of the murder and the murderers here and there, I am able to fulfill that course learning outcome as well as completing the “[demonstrating] information literacy and [being] able to work with evidence.” If I was not able to work with evidence, trying to persuade and explain to my audience my essay topic and thesis would fall apart and my essay grades would have been horrible.

During the semester, I was able to “collaborate successfully on group tasks and class projects by supporting [my] classmates as members of the same learning community.” I helped my peers think thoroughly through our assigned Group Led Discussion (GLDs) projects and came up with adequate analysis questions as well as follow up questions to those main analysis questions. This also applies to peer editing. During class time, I was able to provide ample and constructive feedback to my peers.

Overall, I have proven to meet all of the Writing 10 Course Learning Outcomes given in Professor Walker’s syllabus. Therefore I deserve a grade in the B range based on the examples I have provided above. I believe that this is a fair grade range for me since I have demonstrated the entire course learning outcomes, though I was not able to participate efficiently enough which lowers me from the A grade range to the B grade range.

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